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July 24, 2018

Meet David and Sheena

David and Sheena purchased one of our condos, and will be downsizing from their home into their new condo early next year.

We are so looking forward to moving into our Fish Creek Exchange condo when it is completed in Spring 2019. It is a huge change for us as we own a large house in a spot near to Fish Creek Park but looking ahead to needing something smaller. Being reluctant to give up the proximity to this beautiful natural area, it was exciting to see the development started. It is a great spot to live, steps away from public transport and shopping but also open to parkland. We were impressed that many mature trees, young trees and a small park have been established within Shawnee Park.

Love the design of our condo, love the finish, love the outlook! Thank you, Fish Creek Exchange, for making this easy.

David and Sheena


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