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November 12, 2018

Winter Fun In Fish Creek Park!

With winter fast approaching….or already here depending on how you look at it, tis the season to brave the weather and take advantage of the great outdoor activities to be had in Fish Creek Park!
-       Strap on the cross country skiis or snowshoes and explore Canada’s Second Largest Urban Park!  There are over 80kms of paths and trails to discover, who knows, you might find a new favorite trail for those summer months!
-       Grab your pooch and head out on the trails! 
-       A fun activity to do with the family is to track the foot prints on the snow-covered grounds and trails and try to guess which animal it belongs to!
-       Grab your binoculars, print off this birding checklist from Friends of Fish Creek, and do some birdwatching! Tip – take some bird seed with you, and if you’re lucky, you might have a few chickadees eating out of the palm of your hands!
-       Check out the ice falls!  The ice falls are located in the South end of Fish Creek Park, along the Stream Loop, near Bow Bottom Trail.  Park in either the Bow Valley Ranche parking lot, or in the Sikome Lake lot, and they’re only a short hike away!
-       Campfires aren’t just for summer, pack some hot dogs, marshmallows and hot chocolate and head to one of the various picnic site facilities in Fish Creek Park!  Bring your own firewood (from outside the park), roasting sticks and a bucket for water to extinguish your fire.
-       If exploring the great outdoors in the cold isn’t your thing, head to Afternoon Tea at Bow Valley Ranche!  They offer a wide selection of coffee, tea, sandwiches, fresh scones, tea cakes, mini pastries, charcuterie and cheese boards – make sure you call ahead and book a reservation!

What's your favourite winter activity in Fish Creek Park?  We'd love to hear from you - email us at

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